Recommendations for Raymond Barglow

L. Lewis: Dr. Barglow helped me raise my SAT score by 120 points.  And I was admitted to UC Berkeley, UCLA, Pomona, USC and Duke University. I have chosen to attend Duke.  My meetings with Dr. Barglow were especially helpful in math, writing, and English grammar. He was very well-informed about the material he was teaching, while making it fun and easy to understand.  He tailored his instruction to fit my particular problems with the test. This tutoring not only taught me what I needed to know, but helped me learn how to better study on my own. These skills were useful for the SAT, and I also began to do better in school.

S. Kajiwara: Dr. Barglow’s tutoring of our daughter was patient and very helpful, and as a result she achieved a high score on the ACT. His guidance on the language arts parts of the test was especially useful.
J. Sum: Having taken classes at a couple of test preparation places, I can say that Dr. Barglow was one of the few teachers I have had who assesses each student individually. I appreciated his attention to my learning style and his knowledge of all the ACT subjects. I had already reached a good score, but I wanted to aim even higher.  Dr. Barglow did not have me blindly take practice test after practice test. He evaluated which questions were hard for me and helped me really lift my score on the reading and science sections. He took the time to design lesson plans just for me. I’m glad I had the opportunity to benefit from such an invaluable mentor.
M. Hirsch: When I met Dr. Barglow, I had taken the SAT once before.  The scores from my second attempt were significantly higher than those from my first.  I attribute that to the tutoring I received.  Without this assistance, my preparation would have been less organized and focused.
C. John: I’ve been admitted to UC San Diego, one of the best schools in the University of California system.  That wouldn’t have happened without the tutoring I received from Dr. Barglow.  We went over my writing very carefully; thanks to his suggestions, I’ve learned a lot about how to organize and compose an essay.
M. Huang: After working with Dr. Barglow last summer on the ACT, I raised my score! The most helpful areas were grammar and essay writing. After writing several essays each week, I got used to the required style. I really liked that Raymond went over every single essay with me and suggested improvements. The grammar guidelines he gave me helped me review what I had learned  in school.  I also liked the way we did the math preparation.