The SAT (and the ACT as well, although our remarks below regard the SAT specifically) has been accused by critics of being culturally biased and favoring those who are wealthy.   Indeed, families that can afford to pay the price of a personal SAT tutor are able to give their child an important advantage.  Those students who do not receive SAT preparation guidance are likely to do less well on the exam and therefore less likely to get into the college of their choice.

The entire college entrance system is indeed unfair.  The SAT and ACT measure only one thing really: a student’s test-taking ability.  These tests disadvantage students who have not done well in academic subjects but who have a great potential to learn.

Abolishing the SAT is not the solution to this problem, however.  What we need to do is widen the educational prospects for all high school students.  A good college education — like health care, we might add —  should be universally accessible and affordable.   No student who receives a high school diploma should be denied the opportunity to go to college.

Our nation should be investing much more in education.  What we say on this website about the value of personalized instruction that is tailored to the need of each student applies throughout the school system.  We need more school teachers, so that class-size can be reduced, and they should be better supported by school administration

As for SAT/ACT  preparation — since it currently counts for so much in the college admissions process, it should be made available at every high school.

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